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"The Life and Times of Richard III" Oxford Experience 7 - 13 July 2013

"The Life and Times of Richard III" Oxford Experience 7 - 13 July 2013 
Tutor: Jackie Duff

Have archaeologists found the grave of Richard III?

In recent weeks the archaeological world has been excited by the possibility that excavations carried out in Leicester have located the grave of King Richard III.

(See for example this BBC article: Richard III dig: 'Strong evidence' bones are lost king)

Part of the excitement revolves around the extent to which Shakespeare's portrait of Richard as a hunchback was true.

These discoveries will contribute a fascinating new light in the Oxford Experience course "The Life and Times of Richard III" which will run from 7 - 13 July 2013.

Jackie Duff, the tutor for the course, said:

"Since his death at Bosworth in 1485 the actions of King Richard III have courted controversy. Was he the despotic monarch, murderous uncle, cold-hearted hunchback described by Shakespeare or were his deeds driven by other, more well-meaning motives? The human remains discovered in Leicester this summer may be those of Richard and prove his physical deformity a myth, but it is unlikely to quell those other controversial aspects of his life which this course aims to examine."
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