Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hungry for Learning? Sample Oxford’s Summer Banquet

story by Isobel Warren,  photos by Milan Chvostek

Oxford’s Summer Banquet
Hang the expense, they said.  Go for  it, they urged.  Live your dream, they exhorted.

So we did.

Last summer, we enrolled at Oxford University and revelled in the sweetest sojourn of our lives.  But six days at Oxford do not a scholar make.  We came away with no honours or degrees – only memories of enriching learning and idea exchange with brilliant ‘tutors’ (that’s Oxford-speak for professors), a sense of wonder at the antiquity and beauty of that vast complex and memories of fun and laughter in the company of kindred souls from around the world.

We learned and marvelled and shared and determined that somehow, no matter how cash-strapped we are, we MUST return – preferably every summer for the rest of our lives.

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