Monday, 15 October 2012

"The Age of Stonehenge" Oxford Experience 4 - 10 August 2013

Stonehenge: a digital laser scan has revealed tool marks from 4,500 years ago, and graffiti made by Victorian visitors. Photograph: Yoshihiro Takada/Corbis

The first complete 3D laser scan of Stonehenge has been commissioned by English Heritage.  The scan has revealed an enormous amount of data, which is now invisible to the naked eye.

Scott McCracken, the tutor for the course "The Age of Stonehenge" commented:

A recent English Heritage project which scanned Stonehenge using laser technology revealed that the stones were shaped in different ways. The sarsens in the outer circle to the northeast were worked to make them glisten in sunlight, perhaps to highlight the view when approaching the circle at the time of a solstice; by contrast the stones in the southwest area of the circle were not so worked. This differential working has been taken as proof that the intention of the builders was to emphasise the alignment of the solstices and in particular that along the processional way, the Avenue, leading to the monument from the northeast.

You can read more about the project here:

Stonehengeup close: digital laser scan reveals secrets of the past

and you can find out more about the course here:

The Age of Stonehenge

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