Monday, 29 June 2015

Christ Church Hall Roof

As many of you will know, last summer one of the Hall roof beams cracked and partially slumped.  This was quickly corrected, but there was concern about the state of the rest of the roof and so a programme of careful scrutiny of every part of the roof timbers was put in place.

This was a long and expensive job, as the required scaffolding could only be placed above walls that ran under the Hall which could support the considerable weight of the scaffolding.

A massive gantry-like structure had to be put in place; a section of the Hall examined; and then the whole structure dismantled and re-erected at the next point.

The good news is that this examination has finally been completed, and the scaffolding is being dismantled, so Oxford Experience will be dining in the Hall as usual this year.

The Hall staff have had to work under less than ideal conditions during this work, but you can be assured that they will be their usual smiling selves this summer.

To quote Andy Hedges, the Hall Manager “The scaffolding is coming down as we speak and the whole place will be ready for you on Sunday - it's been a bit of a struggle to be honest but we are there now.”

New Courses for Oxford Experience 2016

We have some exciting new courses for the 2016 programme.

You can find details of them on our new website at:

The full programme for 2016 will appear on the website in early July and registration will begin in September.