Monday, 19 November 2012

Colleges of Oxford

Colleges of Oxford
by Julian Munby
Oxford Experience Summer Course
 Sun 14 to Sat 20 Jul 2013

The course explores the historic Colleges and buildings of the University and city in the context of the origins of the town and growth of the University, ranging from the early medieval period to the 21st century. We shall look at the changing architectural styles of the buildings (churches, houses, colleges and institutions) in the context of the college gardens and the surrounding countryside. Following the chronology from medieval origins through to the modern period, the course consists of illustrated talks followed by walks around historic buildings and streets of Oxford. On the last morning there is a Victorian walk followed by an afternoon excursion to view modern colleges and views of the ‘dreaming spires’ from the Oxford countryside. 

Julian Munby works on historic buildings and landscapes for Oxford Archaeology, has been researching the history of Oxford for many years, with a special interest in its buildings and in drawn views of the city. He has wide interests in cultural studies from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, and he is a regular lecturer for OUDCE.

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